Way too often, business travelers are confronted with the decision to either choose Design or Function for their travel accessories - make the Design-vs-Function compromise.

The more you travel, the more important it becomes that the things you carry with you are functional.
We believe that they should also fulfill your design criteria.


The Mission: Connect Function and Design for your Business Travel Accessories.

The products will have a unisex character. However, the focus lies on female business travelers. Why? Because despite the unquestionable and growing significance of female business travelers, only very few products consider both design and function for businesswomen. ONDEDESIGNS Function wants to change that.   

Who is behind the mission you ask? Hi! My name is Lena and I am the founder of ONDEDESIGNS Function.

I am currently working on finalizing the first product that I invented back in 2017. The goal: Make one of those many Design-vs-Function compromises disappear – one at a time.

Tell me about your travel accessory hassles in the short survey below. Let it all out!

ONDEDESIGNS Function Principle and the wave inspiration

Waves are fascinating. In fact, they helped me to develop the ONDEDESIGNS Function principle: I believe that the function of a product should be as powerful as a wave. The design should be as mesmerizing as the shape of a wave. Until the first product launches, the waves will accompany the journey. Find out more about the meaning of waves for ONDEDESIGNS Function in the BLOG.

Aerial View looking down on a Welsh Beac

Dr. Henny Lena Holzhauser

Founder & CEO

As a former business consultant, I traveled every week. My search for products that solved functional travel issues and maintained a compelling design at the same time often kept me stranded. If solutions existed, they usually enforced the Design-vs-Function compromise. To solve one of those compromises, I invented the first product in 2017.  In April 2019, I founded ONDEDESIGNS Function to fully concentrate on making the product market ready. So stay connected and follow ONDEDESIGNS Function to  become a part of the journey.

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