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one belt for almost all bags

Design should not be harmed by function. When on the road, we should be able to choose the bags we love to travel with - not the ones we settled for.


With the ONDE Bag Belt, you can safely secure your bags to suitcases - in the most elegant and sustainable way

upcycled car

The ONDE Bag Belt is made of unused leather from the luxury car production. Small mistakes lead to the exclusion of more than 50% of hides in the car production. By cutting around the flaws, the ONDE Bag Belt introduces the leather into a new life cycle.

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four colours for your style


metal parts

Designed by the ONDEDESIGNS founder, Henny Lena, the metal parts are manufactured by a key supplier of many luxury designer brands.

The front buckle was inspired by an airplane buckle and gives the ONDE Bag Belt a timeless and elegant look.

Press & Features

ONDEDESIGNS is a partner company of The Club by the Business Traveller, the world`s leading business travel magazine. The ONDE Bag Belt has been featured in a range of newsletters and publications.

The press work is accompanied by partnerships with social media influencers.

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The founder & the idea

Hi! My name is Henny Lena and I am the founder of ONDEDESIGNS. I was a business consultant for five years. During lots of travel, I got tired of balancing my purse on my suitcase. It was just a matter of time until it fell off.

While looking for a laptop bag, I noticed there are very few bags (for women!) with tasteful design AND a luggage strap in the back. So, I decided to simply provide a luggage strap for all bags and purses. The idea for the ONDE Bag Belt was born.



Special thanks to the NRW.Founders Grant of the Federal State of Northrine Westfalia, Germany. ONDEDESIGNS received funding via the grant which is dedicated to highly innovative business ideas.