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THE STORY BEHIND THE NAME AND THE WAVES Hi, this is Lena. Why the name ONDEDESIGNS and what is with the waves on this website? Well, even though my surfing abilities are - let’s put it that way - evolving, I am fascinated by big waves and big wave surfing. The sheer power and beauty of those gigantic waves simply captures me. When I was looking for a name for the company, I played around with acronyms. I wanted to make the name as personal as possible; give it a strong meaning. So, I tried to combine the names of famous big wave spots like Nazaré, Jaws, Teahupoo. However, I couldn’t come up with a solution that I identified with on the level I was looking for. One day, I wrote down the product characteristics that were important to me: Design, Function, Sustainability etc. I then formed an acronym out of these words. Out came ONDE.

I then checked what the word means in different languages. It turned out that ONDE means wave in Hawaiian, Portuguese and French. That was it, the name for the company had been found. I then added the two characteristics that I wanted to connect in the products: ONDEDESIGNS Function.

Now, if you look at the logo and if you are an ocean person like me, you might recognize a wave set building up. In fact, those three lines represent Design on the top, function in the middle and combining the two while coming closer to you the ONDEDESIGNS Function design principle which combines the two characteristics. I believe that the functionality of products should be as powerful as a big wave. A product design should capture you with simplicity and beauty – just like a wave does. Until the first product is coming out, the wave pictures will accompany the journey of ONDEDESIGNS Function.

I am thrilled about all the things to come. Stay tuned!

Oh, in the meantime: If you would like to see why I am so fascinated about big waves, I can surely recommend the The Big Wave Project movie by Tim Bonython. Check out the trailer here: https://vimeo.com/201791941. Or check out the stunning work of Ben Thouard, who captures the beauty of Tahiti waves and many more: https://www.benthouard.com/.



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